Most Popular Add-On Spa Services Clients Ask For

The key to a successful spa business is creating a unique and memorable client experience. From the moment your clients enter the spa, they should feel welcomed and appreciated.

One of the best ways to show your clients your appreciation for them is to listen to their feedback. Talk to your clients and encourage them to share what makes for an enjoyable spa experience and, more importantly, what makes them want to return.

A simple way to enhance your client’s experience and to set your spa apart is to offer add-on services clientele can use to customize their experience. Here are some of the most popular add-on spa services clients ask for that you should consider adding to your spa menu.

The Top Add-Ons to Enhance Your Spa Menu

Spa add-ons are a simple way to help your clients customize their treatments while also boosting revenue. In many cases, add-ons are easy to incorporate and they can add a great deal of value for the client without significantly affecting your bottom line.

Here are some of the top add-ons spa clients ask for:

Hand Treatment

The hands are a part of the body that often get neglected when it comes to skincare, but they can actually show the signs of aging very early on. Adding a hand treatment is the perfect way to complement a facial while a mask or peel is setting, and you may already have the products and equipment on hand. A paraffin wax dip paired with a hand (or foot) massage adds a touch of extra pampering to any treatment, especially treatments already focused on dry skin.

Back Facial

If you have a client who struggles with acne, a back facial could be the perfect add-on. Facials for the back are similar to a regular facial, incorporating elements of cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, and moisturizing. This add-on has the extra benefit of relaxing massage for added value.

Scalp Massage

Nothing soothes stress and relieves tension like a scalp massage but now your clients don’t have to go to the hair salon to get one. A scalp massage takes only a few minutes and can be incorporated into facial and massage treatments. Scalp massage can be administered with or without product, yet adding an essential oil blend elevates the entire experience for the guest.

Under Eye Treatment

While many facials incorporate treatment for the eye area, some clients need a little extra attention in this area. For clients struggling with under eye puffiness or dark circles, an under eye treatment add-on could be just right. This add-on is the perfect opportunity to use products targeted to the eye contours and could be a great way to upsell at-home eye care products, tools and devices as well.

Body Scrubs

A body scrub is a simple and cost-effective add-on that can be worked into many spa treatments. A foot or hand scrub can easily enhance a service, especially if you add a little extra massage to go with it. Scrubs can also be used for areas that can be difficult for clients to reach on their own such as the back.

Lip Treatments

Similar to under eye treatments, lip care is often incorporated into a regular facial but there are plenty of ways to upgrade the treatment into a dedicated add-on. Start with an exfoliating lip scrub to remove dead skin cells then soothe the skin with a plumping mask or collagen product. Finish off the lip treatment with a hydrating balm or leave-on masking product.

Oxygen Infusion

If you’re willing to make an upfront investment, adding oxygen infusion to your facials is a valuable add-on. This treatment can be beneficial for all skin types and most see visible results after just one treatment. It only takes a few extra minutes to work oxygen infusion into a facial treatment.

How to Incorporate Add-Ons into Your Spa Menu

Creating a list of add-ons is a great start, but it will take a little more than that to start seeing the return on your investment of effort. Simply providing a list of add-ons may not be enough – you need to know how and when to suggest them and make sure your clientele is aware these add-ons are available.

Here are some tips to work add-ons into your spa treatments:

Ask questions during intake and customize the treatment. It’s important to avoid being pushy when it comes to add-on services, so one way you can circumvent that is to make relevant recommendations based on your client’s needs. During scheduling or intake, encourage staff to ask questions about the client’s goals for the treatment and look for opportunities to suggest add-ons to further customize their treatment. Addressing your client’s needs is the best way to ensure a satisfactory experience and to receive repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising.

Train staff on when to make suggestions for add-ons. It may not always be appropriate to suggest additional services while the treatment is being performed. Train your staff to recommend complementary services or products during booking based on the customer’s goals. After the treatment is completed, there’s a great opportunity to chat with the customer on the way back to the front desk and potentially offer services the client might try on their next visit.

Advertise your add-ons through marketing and promotions. Your clients won’t order add-on services if they don’t know they exist, so dedicate some targeted marketing to this effect. Facebook Ads make it easy to target specific add-ons to certain populations who may be most interested. If you have an email database of your clients, you could send out an email to promote add-ons and offer a promotion to encourage clients to book a new service.

Offering add-ons to your spa treatments is a great way to boost revenue but it also helps you cater your services to your client base more effectively. It’s always easier to sell to a current customer than to onboard a new one, so leverage your current customer base to increase sales.