Professional Spotlight: Tawni Weaver

Renu Medispa, in Eagle Idaho, is a sanctuary for your skin. Integrating expert care into its approach to wellness, Renu offers clients the opportunity to restore and rejuvenate the skin through expert skincare and non-surgical treatments.

Renu Medispa was opened in 2003 by owner Tawni Weaver whose training in science and Medical Aesthetics, along with her expert leadership, solidifies Renu’s position as the premier Medispa facility in the Northwest.

Read on to learn more about Tawni’s background in the spa industry and to hear her pro tips for both new and experienced spa and wellness professionals.

Meet Tawni

Tawni Weaver, Founder and Owner of Renu Medispa

Founder and owner of Renu Medispa, Tawni Weaver has made remarkable achievements throughout the course of her career.

Before opening the first Medical Spa in the Treasure Valley in 2003, Weaver worked as an environmental and health building medical consultant in Manhattan. Her work exposed her to the newly forming medical spa industry and she jumped on the opportunity to get involved.

As one of the early pioneers in the medical spa space, Weaver had the opportunity to train with some of the key founders of the industry including James Fulton, the co-developer of Retin-A and Peter T. Pugliese, a 50-year veteran of skin science and the author of The Physiology of Skin.

Under Weaver’s leadership, Renu Medispa has become the only National Council on Laser Excellence certified facility in Idaho. The spa serves over 10,000 patients, roughly 10% of which travel from out of state. Weaver’s dedication to her craft and loyal patient following seats Renu Medispa as a cornerstone in the ever-changing spa industry.

We sat down with her to learn more about her business, her professional expertise, and where she’s heading next…

Self-Care and the Meaning of Wellness

Tawni Weaver isn’t one to do things halfway. Her strong work ethic and drive to see Renu Medispa succeed doesn’t leave much time for relaxation.

“Self-care is an ongoing struggle,” Weaver comments, but she spends what time she can reading, enjoying a meal out with friends, and indulging in Yon-Ka aromatherapy with candles, body care products, and hydrating masks.

Though she sometimes struggles to find the time for it, Weaver recognizes the importance of self-care. To her, wellness means “prioritizing both your mental, physical, and sexual health to optimize the quality of your life.” Her own wellness practices give Weaver the fortitude to take care of her family. She continues to provide support for her siblings after the unexpected passing of their mother at a young age and admits that her own son “finds many ways to motivate [her] to further [her] understanding as a mother and as an individual.”

The Future of the Spa Industry

Having been one of the early pioneers in the Medispa industry, Tawni Weaver has experienced the ever-changing nature of the wellness industry first-hand. She’s excited to see the industry trending toward more holistic treatments, particularly an increased focus on advanced nutrition.

From nutritional IVs to weight loss programs and hormone replacement, Weaver believes “these treatments, paired with lifestyle changes incorporating stress reduction, are really improving clients’ quality of life.” She’s already integrated these services into the menu at Renu Medispa.

Weaver also recognizes the importance of being sensitive to the client’s needs and concerns, especially in a post-pandemic world. Aside from their skin concerns, Weaver comments that “many have lost family or friends through the pandemic or struggle with compromised immune systems themselves.” She believes that it’s any spa professional’s job to create an environment that makes the client feel safe and protected.

Pro Tips from Tawni Weaver

Weaver applies the same principles of hard work and unparalleled integrity she learned in her own training to operations at Renu Medispa. Her team members are meticulously trained to provide clients with the best service possible.

Having learned through decades of experience in the industry, Weaver advises rising spa professionals not to focus on what others are doing. “Just put your head down and create the very best environment, staff, and services that you can and focus on the people coming in your door,” she says. “If they are happy, you will be successful.”

To achieve long-term success in the industry, Weaver emphasizes the importance of building solid client relationships. She comments, “Expensive advertising rarely works but making strong relationships with those you are serving and creating a space that they want to bring their friends and family to as well will spur growth more than anything else.”