How to Choose the Right Spa Music and 5 Helpful Playlists You Can Use

Your clients trust you not only to provide excellent service and custom product recommendations, but to facilitate a relaxing departure from the stresses of daily life, if even only for an hour or two.

When it comes to creating a realm of relaxation, it’s all about the details. You took the time to choose a soothing color scheme and you might have spent hours agonizing over which fabric to select for your waiting room furniture. It’s important to make a good first impression, but what your clients will really remember is the experience they have in the treatment room.

Though there’s no substitute for a well-trained esthetician and a quality product line, don’t overlook the importance of something as simple as choosing your spa music wisely. The right music can enhance your client’s experience while the wrong music can distract and detract from or even destroy the experience.

Why Does Music Matter?

Music affects the mind and body in numerous ways, many of which are currently being explored in the growing field of music therapy. You don’t need a PhD to choose the music for your spa, but it helps to have a basic understanding of how playing certain types of music can support stress relief for your clients. You may be surprised to learn these benefits go deeper than simply “setting the mood.”

According to researchers at Stanford University, “Music with a strong beat stimulates the brain and ultimately causes brainwaves to resonate in time with the rhythm… Slow beats encourage the slow brainwaves that are associated with hypnotic or meditative states.” They also suggest listening to music may be able to change the brain’s functioning to the same extent as medication.

Here are some of the ways in which music can alter physiological function:

  • It slows the pulse and heart rate
  • It may reduce the sensation of chronic pain
  • It decreases the production of stress hormones
  • It lowers your blood pressure
  • It provides a distraction from unwanted emotions
  • It may relieve depression and boost self-esteem

The use of music to restore balance between the mind and body goes back hundreds of years, though scientific data supporting these uses is much more recent. Studies have shown listening to music can reduce stress and anxiety in patients before and after surgery – it can also relieve depression in elderly people. Music therapy has been shown to significantly reduce emotional distress and improve quality of life among adult cancer patients and other groups.

Tips for Choosing the Right Music

The power of music is undeniable, but how do you harness it appropriately in your spa? Everyone has their own personal taste in music, but it’s your job to select a playlist that creates the kind of atmosphere you want to encourage your clients to relax and enjoy the experience.

Research from the University of Nevada, Reno suggests Native American, Celtic, and Indian music featuring stringed instruments, drums, and flutes can be very effective at relaxing the mind. Nature sounds like rain and thunder can be soothing as well, particularly when paired with easy listening music or light jazz. If you really want to get into the details, current findings indicate that music around 60 beats per minute causes the brain to synchronize with the beat. This triggers the production of alpha brainwaves which are typically present when we are conscious and relaxed.

Another factor to consider when choosing the music for your spa is any relevant theme you might be going for. If your spa specializes in a certain style of skincare or school of massage, choose music that suits the theme. For example, if your spa specializes in French skincare regimens you might look for music that recreates the luxurious ambience of the French Riviera.

5 Helpful Playlists to Try in Your Spa

Though it’s important to put some thought into the music you choose for your spa, it isn’t something you need to spend a lot of money on. Digital music services like Spotify give you access to millions of songs and playlists you can stream ad-free in exchange for a low monthly subscription fee.

Here are our top 5 relaxing Spotify playlists to try out in your spa:

1. Massage, Spa & Wellness

This playlist features inspiring new age piano music ideal for relaxation, mindfulness, and stress relief. Here you’ll enjoy the healing music of pianist Vincent Boot complemented by similar artists like Eyolf, Brugner Brokk, and Jürgen Saalmann.

2. Spa Music & Massage Vibes 2020

Updated for 2020, this relaxing playlist includes a variety of soothing sounds and pleasant melodies perfect for spa and meditation use. This playlist features many different artists including Cooper Sams, Wellness Portal, and Eyla Calmes.

3. Tibetan Spa Music

Transport your clients to the healing atmosphere of a Tibetan monastery with these soothing sounds. Made up of over 150 songs, this playlist features the relaxing music of Massage Tribe, Picea, Cameron DeLuca, and more.

4. Spa Treatment

Described as “music wellness for your soul,” this playlist brings together dozens of artists with over 200 songs. Surround your clients in waves of calming ambience inspired by artists like Earth Lodge, Bridge Dwellers, and Mandala Dreams.

5. Japanese Music, Zen Music, & Spa Music

A relaxing collection of Japanese, Zen, and spa music, this playlist highlights the soothing sounds of traditional Japanese instruments like the shakuhachi, koto, and shamisen.

Running a successful spa is about more than just hiring the best practitioners and partnering with a professional skincare brand – it’s about creating a unique and unforgettable customer experience. With the right playlist to set the mood, your clients will feel like they’re stepping into an oasis of calm each time they set foot in your spa and they’ll be eager to repeat the experience again and again.