How to Integrate Couples Treatments into Your Spa

Life can be hectic and, especially in a year like 2020 has been, it can be more than a little stressful as well. A day at the spa is something anyone can benefit from to relax and unwind, maybe workout some of the tension that has developed from an occasional annoyance to a chronic issue.

Stress wreaks havoc on our mental health, and it can be particularly damaging for a relationship. Even if the relationship itself was previously healthy, exposure to high amounts of stress over long periods of time is a recipe for failure. When you are stressed, you become more sensitive which often leads to an increase in conflict and issues with communication. Taking time to destress is essential for individuals, but it is also important for couples as well – that’s where couples spa treatments come into play.

As a spa owner, you have a great opportunity available to you in the form of couples’ treatments. Couples treatments are a must for the holiday season, but there are plenty of benefits to adding them to your spa menu year-round – especially in a year like this.

Here are some tips for integrating couples’ treatments into your spa.

What Benefit Do Couples Treatments Provide?

Couples treatments are a wonderful opportunity to share a relaxing experience with a partner. Though these treatments typically involve massage, some spas incorporate other treatments like facials, foot scrubs, mani-pedis, and more. Any massage can be turned into a couple’s massage – the two individuals do not even need to choose the same massage as their partner.

Here are some of the benefits couple’s massage provides:

  • It provides an opportunity to do something new with your partner
  • It is the perfect opportunity to spend a little quality time together without distractions
  • It may help lower stress and anxiety while relieving pain and tension
  • It is a chance to reconnect and share an intimate experience with each other
  • It creates a bonding experience for you and your partner

A couple’s massage is an excellent way to relax and unwind while sharing an intimate moment with a partner. The benefits of couple’s treatments extend beyond the individuals enjoying the treatment, however – they can also be beneficial for you as a spa owner.

How Couples Treatments Boost Spa Revenue

As a spa owner, you are constantly on the lookout for ways to set your spa apart from the competition. Employing qualified professionals and training your staff to provide a memorable spa experience is a major piece of the puzzle – it is what keeps clients coming back from week to week, month to month. Because much of your revenue comes from repeat business, however, it pays to change things up occasionally. Offering seasonal services and updated spa packages keeps your client base interested and it gives you the opportunity to make more sales which means more revenue for you.

Adding couples’ treatments to your spa menu is an excellent strategy to increase revenue. Current clients will jump at the opportunity to share the benefits of massage with their partner and, if you are lucky, the partner could become a recurring client as well. Couples packages make great gifts too, so you can use them to boost sales around the holidays and near Valentine’s day.

Tips for Incorporating Couples Treatments at Your Spa

The key to success for any spa is to create a unique and memorable client experience that keeps people coming back for more. You have already put in the work to create your spa menu, so take the time to think through the addition of couples’ treatments. Each treatment should be special, so make sure it fits with the feel of your spa and incorporate little details to make it unique.

Here are some tips for incorporating couples’ treatments:

  • Create a dedicated space for couples’ treatments. If you are serious about adding couples’ treatments to your spa menu, be sure you do it right. No one wants to spend an hour toe-to-toe with their partner cramped together in a tiny room.
  • Offer add-ons to make the experience special. Couples treatments make great gifts, to take the opportunity to upsell with optional add-ons like a glass of champagne before the massage and chocolate-covered strawberries after.
  • Be smart about how you market these services. Suggest couple’s treatment packages as a gift during the holidays and around Valentine’s Day.
  • Offer discounts on the next visit. The benefit of offering couples’ treatments is that you get two clients in the building instead of one. By offering discounts on the next visit (either individually or together), you can increase future sales as well.
  • Give your clients the opportunity to customize. Instead of simply offering a couple’s massage, offer the opportunity for clients to create a custom couples treatment including various services like foot scrubs, mani-pedis, and facials.

Your clients trust you to provide quality service and a memorable experience – incorporating couples treatments into your spa menu is another way to do that. By adding couples’ treatments, you can give your client the opportunity to share the spa experience with loved ones and it has the added benefit of boosting revenue for your spa at the same time.