9 Ways to Retain Long-Term Customers

No business can succeed without customers, but in the spa and wellness industry it’s not about gaining as many clients as you can. Acquiring new clients is a must, but what will really sustain your business and help you grow is establishing a loyal base of repeat clients.

Attracting new customers may seem like the best way to boost your bottom line, but studies show that onboarding new clients is not only more expensive but less lucrative in the long-term than retaining existing customers. Statistics show that as much as 80% of a business’ revenue comes from just 20% of their current client base. What’s more, repeat customers spend 67% more than first-time customers. Not only do existing clients spend more, but second-time customers refer an average of three people to the business – that means more clients and more earning potential at no additional cost to you.

You already have a marketing strategy to bring new clients through the door, but what’s your plan to keep them coming back time and again? Here are 9 tips to help you retain long-term clients.

1. Simple and straightforward scheduling.

The key to retaining loyal customers is to create a memorable and positive experience with each and every visit, starting from the moment they schedule their appointment. Make scheduling as easy and pain-free as possible, offering both digital schedule and appointments by phone so your customers can choose. Always send confirmation emails to set the tone of anticipation for the day of service.

2. Offering a warm welcome.

Your clients should feel welcome and appreciated from the moment they walk in the door. Ensure a warm greeting at reception and instruct your staff to welcome each guest by name. Interactions with the client should be warm and authentic to ensure a memorable experience.

3. Expert staff and quality service.

The quality of service and the results are the two biggest factors in client retention. Make a commitment to providing stellar service to each and every client, no matter what services they receive. Staff should be trained in proper technique to ensure consistency across the board, though each service should still be tailored to the client’s individual needs.

4. Hygiene and cleanliness.

Cleanliness and hygiene have always been a priority in the spa and wellness industry, but in COVID times you may want to make your cleaning efforts a little more visible to your clients. Staff should be trained on disinfecting procedures so they can clearly communicate to clients what steps are being taken to ensure customer safety.

5. Personalized service and recommendations.

Every client should be treated with respect and their service should be tailored specifically to their needs, no matter what service they are receiving. Train your staff to complete proper intake and discuss ways to personalize services. Each guest should receive written recommendations for products or rituals that can help them maximize their results and maintain them at home.

6. Thank-you gifts after service.

Appreciation plays a key role in client retention, so make sure each and every guest feels valued. A simple way to express appreciation for your clients is to provide a small thank-you gift after each service. Something as simple as a nicely wrapped sweet or a bundle of product samples will do the trick. You might even consider offering promotions on future services as a thank-you gift.

7. Offer a loyalty program to your guests.

Customers are more likely to return if they are valued, so consider creating a loyalty program for your repeat clients. Loyalty programs help support customer engagement and can also encourage your clients to refer new customers. Offer discounts, free services, and promotional products as rewards for customer loyalty.

8. Hold special events for repeat clients.

It’s important for your staff to treat repeat guests as though they are first-time customers, but it’s also important to acknowledge the investment your repeat clients have made in your business. Holding quarterly or semi-annual events specifically for repeat clients is a great way to show appreciation and reinforce your clients’ engagement with the business. Consider holding a product launch event or sponsor an educational event with a spa or wellness expert.

9. Send appreciation emails and birthday gifts.

A little appreciation goes a long way and something as simple as a thank-you email after a service goes a long way. It’s also important to show appreciation in the times between services – to remind your repeat clients that you’re still thinking about them. A birthday gift is a great way to recapture a client’s attention and get them back in the building for another service.

Anyone who walks through your doors should be given a warm welcome and treated with respect. The client’s experience begins from the moment they schedule their appointment and doesn’t conclude until after they’ve left the building. The service you provide and the impression you make in between will determine whether that customer decides to come back or not. By following the tips above, you can help each client feel valued and appreciated so they are more likely to choose your spa again.