Professional Spotlight: Lisa Starr

For more than twenty years, Wynne Business has been a valuable resource to professionals in the spa, beauty, and wellness industry. Originally founded by Peggy Wynne Borgman, the business was taken over by her long-time colleague, Lisa Starr, in 2015. Today, Wynne Business Consulting and Education is a shining light for spa and wellness professionals, offering simple solutions, innovative concepts, and successful strategies for businesses in the industry.

Read on to learn more about Lisa’s background in the spa industry and to hear her pro tips for both new and experienced spa and wellness professionals.

Meet Lisa

Upon stepping into Wynne Business founder Peggy Wynne Borgman’s shoes in 2015, after working alongside each other for 15 years, Lisa Starr had already accumulated decades of experience in the beauty industry. Serving in a variety of roles from technician to regional manager, her expertise and unique vision is the driving force behind Wynne Business. Having spent the last twenty years as a consultant and educator, Starr’s focus is on helping companies maximize their business revenue and optimize performance in both the front and back of the house.

Under Starr’s guidance, Wynne Business is dedicated to helping spa owners and managers run successful and profitable businesses. They aim to create the infrastructure required to ensure each and every business operates smoothly, providing guidance in all areas from human resource functions to marketing and finance. In addition to their consulting services, Wynne Business offers an extensive array of online training courses and tutorials.

In addition to serving as the face behind Wynne Business Consulting and Education, Starr is the Task Force Chair for the Global Wellness Institute Consulting Initiative. She also serves as a Contributing Editor for Dayspa Magazine and is a regular contributor to global trade publications.

Self-Care and the Meaning of Wellness

Starting from humble beginnings as a makeup artist, Lisa Starr has always had a passion for beauty and wellness. Her crowning accomplishment, however, is entirely unrelated to work. She prides herself on a successful 28-year marriage and raising two wonderful children. Professionally speaking, however, she’s proud to have had the opportunity to travel the world learning about global business dynamics.

In the midst of running a business and caring for a family, Starr always makes time for self-care. In addition to following a balanced diet and getting enough sleep, she makes exercise a priority and has been a dedicated practitioner of yoga for more than 10 years. In the current pandemic, she’s discovered a love for long walks and appreciates spending time in nature.

The Future of the Spa Industry

Over the course of her 35-year history in the beauty and wellness industry, Star has seen a number of trends come and go. Her lifelong passion, however, has been finding a way to incorporate education into everything she does. She sees the consumer not only as someone who wants to enjoy spa and treatments, but to be educated on better self-care and wellness practices.

Starr has always played the role of the educator throughout her career. In her current position, she holds workshops and events but also works one-on-one with therapists and technicians to ensure the needs of every client are met. Sending the client home with appropriate self-care products is crucial, but she also advocates for practitioners to provide sound and actionable advice.

Pro Tips from Lisa Starr

With nearly four decades of experience in the wellness industry, Starr has a great deal of knowledge to share. Her advice to new industry professionals is to get involved and to stay connected with others in the industry. Tools like LinkedIn are invaluable in terms of keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry and for meeting and sharing resources with other industry professionals. She can’t wait for in-person training events to begin again and encourages industry professionals to join and meet as many people as they can.

For Lisa Starr, involvement in the beauty and wellness industry has always been about the people she’s met. From technicians to clients, each person she meets challenges her in a new and exciting way. She can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store for her, her colleagues, and for Wynn Business Consulting and Education.